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The importance of a strong web presence is vital to the marketing of legal services. Waypoint Legal works hard for you, ensuring the people who need your services today will easily find your information on the web. Utilizing the best SEO tools and technology available, Waypoint gets your firm’s contact information in front of the people who need your services the most. Let Waypoint guide your firm to increased caseloads and clients!

In 2010 a survey was conducted by an SEO specialty company to gather data on phone book advertising vs. web advertising. The survey showed that 53.85% of those asked never turned to the phone book for their needs. Around 93% went straight to the Google search box to find what they need. An amazing 100% of the people asked mentioned that they all use Google every day. Obviously, the phone book may soon see the beginnings of the end of the road.

What this means for lawyers and law firms is even more obvious. If you own a law practice, you stand to gain more if Google has you on its results pages. You want to be ranked high in order for potential customers to find you quickly and easily.

Waypoint legal was created by NC Information Data, Inc. in 2011 in an effort to provide a much needed service to its NC law firm customers. NCID has provided online access to NC criminal, civil and DMV information to law firms since 1999 and is the most trusted provider of NC court records information in the state. They recognized the ever growing importance of a strong web presence and created Waypoint as an added value to their clients, helping them fight the battle of web dominance.

SEO specialists are working daily to ensure Waypoint has a high search engine ranking, utilizing tools like Google’s paid ad feature, metatags, and the continuous addition of new or updated content. Contact us for more information on how our experts can help market your firm today.

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